Friday, May 21, 2004

Other people can write

I just found this in our "sent" email list. Guess this definitively shows that the adults in this house have writing skills (I only took out names):
    "Dateline - WLLSC ([City of W---] Little League Sports Central) May 16, 2004

    Game two of the Chicago Cubs season was held yesterday afternoon at S----n Field in [city, state]. The Chicago Cubs (aka [the boy]'s team) was hosted by the Florida Marlins under sunny but cool and breezy conditions. After a strong game 1 performance at home against the Diamondbacks in which the Slaughter Rule was enforced in the fourth inning, the Cubs faced an undefeated Marlins team with strong pitching and a good-hitting half of their lineup.

    In a hard-fought game that found both teams in the lead a various times and that lasted the full 6 innings, the Cubs gutted out a 5-3 victory. After going down 2-0 in the first three innings, the offense finally started to show life in the fourth inning.

    Sparking the three-run rally that led to the Cubs' first lead of the game in the fourth inning, [the boy's full name] was the first batter to reach first base with a lead-off walk. He stole second base on a passed ball, and reached third on a hit by one of his teammates. Another passed ball led to [the boy] being thrown out at the plate on the attempt to steal home - a play in which he was hit in the face with the ball when he jarred it from the pitcher's glove on the initial slide, only to be tagged out by the catcher seconds later.

    In his only other at-bat, [last name] again walked in the top of the sixth and eventually reached third base. He was unable to attempt to score, as the Marlins stopped the Cubs threat with good infield play.

    While hitless so far this season, [last name] has a .750 on-base percentage with three walks to only one official at-bat - a strikeout. He has stolen two-bases so far this season, and scored once.

    The Cubs' next opponent is the Cardinals at home at 6 PM, Tuesday May 18."
This was sent to my inlaws. Obviously, you have to go to the guy(s) in this house to get the Little League details.

(Tuesday's game was rained out, as was tonight's. Last night, we had a previously scheduled event, so the boy didn't play baseball, he played and sang music.)

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