Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Moving Memes

This got too long for Comments (more irony, obvious when you read what I wrote...):

Yeah, I stole Annie's idea about starting a separate locale for memes. I'll cop to that easily, but to clarify: it is mostly because I don't like when this blog's entries are as long as my meme answers tend to be. That's a bit circular, I know. And I recognize that some of my 'regular' entries are long too, but maybe I'll start copying those into Sweet Memes. I've been toying with posting here when I update my other blogs, but still working on how to figure it all out.

It's really a matter of organization. Or compartmentalization. Blame it on the cataloger I am. My reading is elsewhere, my reflog is elsewhere, and now my memes are elsewhere. And I feel less guilt about blathering on and on when I answer the memes. Guilt isn't really the right my mind, this blog is supposed to be more of a journal of the mishmash of my life, the concrete things that are going on around me, a place where I can verbally vomit when people make me want to swear at them, and a place where I can be silly and not thoughful ("thoughtless" is not the word I want--but what is the opposite of thoughtful??). Except by accident.

And the memes blog is a place where I can leapfrog from one idea to another using more skill than I'm capable of when I'm just letting ya'll know that I had too much caffeine yesterday. And I'm a little freer (in my mind) to mention people and things without feeling the need to explain it all. Like, who the hell is Laura? And what is all this stuff about Russia? And why I get weird at the sight of the word Ouray? I know what I'm talking about [ --> insert wry chuckle here].

Oddly enough, the next book I'm cataloging is Harold Bloom's series book (Major Literay Characters) on Hamlet, the ultimate navel-gazer. Life is funny.

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