Monday, May 24, 2004


Mood: Tired. I'm a wreck, really
Hair: Braid (in)

Funny--I typed "Brain (in)" but I think that's wishful thinking today.

School store followed by my last day volunteering at the school library. I got a geranium from the library staff, which was nice. How could they know that I don't like geraniums...?

While I was there, the boy's teacher approached me about a "Detention letter" I was supposed to have signed. Haven't seen it. Y'know, I could really even care less: we are in the single digit countdown now. But I have to be a good parent and pretend I care that he slugged someone. He pushed someone over at daycare on Friday too.

I'm so tired. It reminds of a lot of bad periods in my life, and it's a little scary. I know I'm depressed.

(even though right now, nothing seems to matter at all)
...put away salt and pepper shakers, all 30-something sets
...figure out what an International Reply Coupon is myself a new belt so I have a usable one that isn't splitting along the seams
...take a nap
...get passport photos taken (just discovered my passport expired last month)
...figure out dinner (and maybe even plan them for the week) attendance

OK, some of this is just not happening today.

But I did get the "plant people" called, and the builders, and I did dishes. Woo hoo for me, eh?

I need to go screw my head on tighter, suck it up and deal with life. Not that I want to; life sucks.

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